About us

NextSales Ambassador Network

Think tank and Network

We are a think tank and network connecting European professionals from business, government and science communities. Membership of the  NextSales Ambassador Network offers: 

  • Connections with other members in Ambassador Workshops and Ambassador Events
  • The opportunity to transfer your knowledge and experience to other members
  • Information on innovative services and products in IT, High-Tech, Public Safety and Consulting
  • Connections with companies that want to expand their marketshare within Europe and the opportunity to contribute to that growth
  • The opportunity to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • An attractive incentive scheme

What's the NextSales Ambassador profile?

NextSales Ambassadors are people that derive pleasure from sharing their knowledge, experience and network with other companies and people. The Ambassador Network consists of people that have extensive experience in business, government, science or the military. They have held positions in management, audit, procurement, IT or as military officer and bring knowledge, experience and their personal network. 

What does a NextSales Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors support businesses and NGO’s in many ways:

  • Solve problems and teach clients how to face new challenges
  • Support the development of new business
  • Coach management in corporates, SMEs and Start-ups
  • Support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • Review and enhance client propositions
  • Connect our clients with their targets. Giving a real introduction by accompanying our clients during an introduction meeting

What does NextSales do for its Ambassadors?

NextSales organizes Ambassador Workshops and Ambassador Meetings. Our Ambassadors have a login on this site giving them cliënt information and access to the Ambassador directory and our social platform.

We also offer a place to work (desk) at our offices, making its easier to meet other Ambassadors.

Achievements will be rewarded. A qualified meeting with a member from your personal network (or outside it), a contribution to a proposal or a project. There are many ways to leverage your knowledge and experience. We ask you only do things for us that you like and derive pleasure from!

Over 220 Ambassadors

At this time we have over 220 Ambassadors supporting a number of clients and projects. Our approach enables us to support both SMEs and corporates in achieving their business and sustainability goals. Our Ambassadors are based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and many other European countries.